Lynnwood; Where My Children Were Raised: A Freeway Runs Through It

My children grew up in Lynnwood, Washington. I am afraid it didn’t have the same epic warm feeling to it as Robert Redford’s A River Runs Through It. Lynnwood is not Montana and there is no fly fishing there. By the time I heard lawyer Jeff Tolman of Poulsbo Washington tell us he had driven … More Lynnwood; Where My Children Were Raised: A Freeway Runs Through It

The Stalingrad Garage

My wife and I made our way into the downtown core of Seattle for a little holiday cheer Saturday night. We arrived behind the rest of Seattle, apparently. We approached our normal, comfortable, clean and heated garage to find it full, leaving us only one option: The Stalingrad Garage. The difference between the garages couldn’t … More The Stalingrad Garage

Viva Las Vegas

Listen to the Podcast   Flying solo one afternoon, I toured the Las Vegas strip in the car we drove from Seattle. To really bring the story home I dropped an audio recorder into the cup holder to ensure I recall the whole event. I post it here as the inaugural podcast for Lawyers Road … More Viva Las Vegas

The Sting

Friday¬†was I am northbound and saw some kind of road side warning there had been a crash at I-405 warning of a 4 mile back up. Long ago I stopped waiting out the ads on AM radio and all the other noise for the traffic report so I took this at face value and headed … More The Sting