Lynnwood; Where My Children Were Raised: A Freeway Runs Through It

img_0605My children grew up in Lynnwood, Washington. I am afraid it didn’t have the same epic warm feeling to it as Robert 20150821_192430_resized_1Redford’s A River Runs Through It. Lynnwood is not Montana and there is no fly fishing there.

By the time I heard lawyer Jeff Tolman of Poulsbo Washington tell us he had driven all over the country looking for the best place to raise a family it was too late, the die was cast. The kids were growing up in Lynnwood.

Over the holiday’s I had the kids down to the studio to talk about growing up there. I learned they both thought, when they were small children, that the outside had a sound, and that sound was that we adults recognize as the freeway. It astonished them when I took them to the woods and they heard quiet for the first time outside.

They talk about the crummy cars I provided for them. Having a car at all is a necessity in Lynnwood because the whole town is about people on wheels, sidewalks were an afterthought, and it is hard to know where the car ends and the people begin. We just had to do what had to do to get to the Mall, because that is what Lynnwood is about.

And because my children grew up there, and a freeway runs through it.

The audio is about 20 minutes. Caution. This podcast contains some pejoratives. But then so does Lynnwood.

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