Trump Rally in My Hometown

Everett Theater 1963On August 30th 2016, the main street of my hometown will be clogged with the candidates entourage, media, secret service and not a few pick up trucks. Donald Trump is coming to Everett.

My question is, what does one wear? Trump SupportersJudging by the demographics it appears a flannel shirt and ball cap that reads “America First” might be alright, but so does a shirt and tie.

Tie dye is out, Kevlar is in, preferably with the camo motif.

Arbiter News has reported 82% of Trump supporters believe we should ban Muslim’s from entering the country, but judging by the response that only half that number of the same poll believe the United States should bomb Argabah, one has to question the commitment to the concept.

( Agrabah is a fictional Middle Ages, Middle East town Disney invented for the animated film Alladdin )

About the same number, 42%,  have a high school education or less.

And they are all coming to within 2 blocks of my law firm. How can I stay away?donald your fired

But what to wear? Business attire? Could be dangerous. Could get me fired.

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