The Sting

Friday was I am northbound and saw some kind of road side warning there had been a crash at I-405 warning of a 4 mile back up. bee spill

Long ago I stopped waiting out the ads on AM radio and all the other noise for the traffic report so I took this at face value and headed over to old Highway 99. It took more than an hour to get to work due to the stop lights all the way, but apparently it was worth it.

There had been a bee spill at the interchange of I-5 and I-405, known locally as the Swamp Creek interchange, where my children were raised cf. On Wholesome Ground: And A Freeway Runs Through It.

Approximately 13 million bees were released. Many found the scotch broom along the freeway to be an inviting spot to land. Others were not so lucky and were smothered in fire fighting foam.


Cars were covered in bees. Emergency workers were covered in bees, and most were stung.

Meanwhile I motored along ignorant of all of this, taking in not mother nature but the ugly that is Highway 99; end of the line car lots, No-Tell Motels and a whole lot of cheap.

end of the line car lot

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