Up to the Maple Leaf Country ( Banana Rebublics )

Up to the Maple Leaf country… Up to the land of the puck… Goes the expatriated American… Running from Donald Trump… Some go to Vancouver… Called by the lure of the sea… Some of them are dress up like cowboys.. And end up in Calgary… Late night you will find them.. Hiding out in Saskatchewan.. … More Up to the Maple Leaf Country ( Banana Rebublics )

Magna Carta

800 years ago this month King John was cornered by his barons in a field at Runnymede and made to place his seal on this document, the Great Charter, that limited his power. It was likely the first of its kind. He and the other chief executives have been fighting the issue ever since. Ab initio this … More Magna Carta


Has the media in all forms, right down to our smartphones, made deeper the existentialist crisis that leaves modern man asking, is this all there is? Is there no truth any longer? Is it really this cheap? The film Birdman is set in the theater in New York city. It is the tale of a … More Birdman