Be Your Own Klingon

Google Star Trek and a whole world, or should  I say worlds, open up. star trek

I had no idea one could sign up to be a Klingon, a member of the Borg Collective, or a member of the Federation and be assigned an e mail address that marks the earthling for ever as something else. There is apparently an entire culture of people prepared to pay ten bucks to gain this extraterrestrial identity.

Alternatively you can dress up as a Klingon if you want, speak in a guttural and aggressive language that no one here understands, but that is not as easy as writing from your own private outer space

KlingonWhat does it say about the individual who has gone out to this level of fantasy, boldly they presume, where some men obviously have gone before? Have we lost our way so terribly here on earth that we are compelled to take on a new canned identity in the Klingon Empire?


I know that I have tried cases against some of these people who perceive themselves to be something far different than ordinary men.  Some are like the warlike Klingons, for whom the highest best destiny is a colossal battle where history is made.

Sometimes the opponent is the machine like law firm that just keeps coming at you like the Borg. I have learned in those matters that resistance is futile.

BorgAll in all I think I prefer those who have their feet on the ground and live in reality, not allowing their fantasy world to get the better of them.

But I have to admit that Klingon Bird of Prey is pretty slick.



2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Klingon

  1. This sounds precariously like a river in Egypt….maybe not Remember, I am married to a man who doesn’t recognize that particular analogy, which is one way he survives high stress situations with so much class. He gets on the bicycle in his mind and goes. I on the other hand, like to fall into the “Calgon, take me away” mode-it’s denial in a lovelier form, vs taking on the not so pretty Klingon face. But here’s the deal: once we both deal with whatever, we come back with our feet firmly planted and ready for life again. However, some lawyers can’t get their heads thru any door, and it’s not because they’ve got a helluva hangover-ya know? They can be worse than Klingons because they have no home base, no planet that they can call home. Their ‘home’ resides in their ego, and (they) seem to think that this is fine; they believe that the rest of the world lauds them as a result. Ivory tower thinking. Sorta lonely and alone. I’ll take my Calgon moments.


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