America: You have the DT’s

donald your firedIt just occurred to me the initials of leading Republican candidate are the same for a nervous system disorder brought on by too much drinking over an extended period, then sudden withdrawal; Delirium Tremens.

Symptoms of the disorder include hallucinations, which is evident from the success of the candidate. A significant number of American’s think they see a leader who will somehow, he wont tell us, “Make America Strong Again”.

I am still trying to figure out what kind of Kool Aid the electorate has been drinking that would lead to choosing this guy when it was suddenly withdrawn. Is it a belief in a sort of forever expanding prosperity, coupled with the notion we still rule the world? It’s all too Deutschland Uber Alles for me.

For those of us who remain sober the objective evidence is he is just a guy with a lot of real estate who isn’t fit to run a larger organization. Donald, before you even begin, “You’re Fired.”


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