The Absurd Optics of Globalization

dogs playing pokerA man is interviewed in his living room in Aleppo, Syria about the war. On the wall behind him hangs a velveteen painting of dogs playing poker. He wears a North Face jacket. The BBC interviewer seems oblivious to the odd aspects of this scene, and really wants to know more about how the man has survived this long.

A stone age tribe is discovered in the dark recesses of the jungle surrounding the Amazon river. Soon they seem to shop for electronics on

amazon people

We don’t really want to have all this happen I suppose.   We want to respect existing cultures. Yet the events and conditions are so different in the varied places in the world there is bound to be attractions from the one place to the other. The speed of transport and communication has only hastened these events in the past century.

Consider these two signs I encountered in Southern California. The state, concerned for the welfare of the people who arrive from Mexico as well as freeway safety erect this sign. mexican family running

Yet we cannot help but parody the event in our first world humor.

surfer family runningThere is just no stopping it, and no shortage of absurd optics.


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