Leaving Jar Jar Binks in Control

It’s Presidents Day. Let talk about governance, in particular bad governance. You know it when you see it. queen amidala

We have a massive hole on the waterfront in Seattle where a tunnel should be because we presumed there wasn’t any obstructions in the way when we started digging. No one seems to know why pipes left behind after a 2002 seismic assessment were not recorded anywhere.
jar jar suprize

We have a pile of newly acquired now government owned properties in Everett that are supposed to be the place for a new courthouse for Snohomish County, but the city wont issue a building permit because the parking lot proposed was far, far too small to accommodate the business of the court system. jar jar senate seat

Queen Amidala left Jar Jar Binks in charge of her Senate seat. I remember seeing the film and thinking, this is not a good idea. Like, what?

It is not a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
It’s bad, its bad. And it is now.

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