Swaddling Clothes

So what is this all about anyway? Is it that we are tasked with scurrying about on this planet to collect and amass the greatest collection of marvelous objects, or cash, or both? And then what? Is there some zenith of acquisition where one finds peace? Is it that the one who dies with the … More Swaddling Clothes

Men in the Rough

Men in the rough–on the trails all new-broken– Those are the friends we remember with tears; Few are the words that such comrades have spoken– Deeds are their tributes that last through the years. Men in the rough–sons of prairie and mountain– Children of nature, warm-hearted, clear eyed; Friendship with them is a never-sealed fountain; … More Men in the Rough

You Can’t Take It With You; Living along De Nile

Perhaps the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt gave us the term “denial” as they lived next to “De Nile”. Think Tutankhamen and how he tried to take it with him. Many are in “De Nile” that there is a date upon which we simply leave this earth and all we have accumulated behind. Sorry, no exemptions. I have … More You Can’t Take It With You; Living along De Nile