Five Window Truck

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I want to drive around in a 5 window truck in my hometown and pay cash for everything. I want a world that moves slower. I want the rules to be straightforward and easy to understand. I want to pay my taxes and trust government to use the money right. I…


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It is extraordinary how many people come into my office believing the oldest son somehow has some inherent right to govern the estate of the parents. Being a lawyer, I start looking for authority for this rule. I start with Exodus 13- The Lord said to Moses, “Set apart for me…

Rebecca Wallick Has The Right Stuff-Growing Up Boeing

There was a Demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged the Demon would die. Men came to the high desert to ride it. They were called “test pilots.” And no one knew their names. The Right Stuff- Warner Brothers 1984 Should you desire that sense again of anonymous heroism captured in the … More Rebecca Wallick Has The Right Stuff-Growing Up Boeing