Same as It Ever Was; Postscript

The Christmas season has brought back the ghost of Christmas Visitation Disputes Past. christmas past

Burned in the memory is the Dad who demanded both Christmas eve and Christmas Day, typically treated as two holidays legally in the family law business.

His claim: “Do you know what happens on Christmas morning?” No I have never been there. “She” meaning the subject matter of the case, the parties daughter, “comes downstairs and screams Santa Claus came! Santa Claus came! “waving his arms for effect.

Gosh, I didn’t realize Christmas was so important to you and your memories of your child’s life. Pardon me, I am a mere lawyer. I have no other life. I am a mere cardboard cut out in your, otherwise full life.

And I am haunted by these people. Same as it ever was.

david byrne

2 thoughts on “Same as It Ever Was; Postscript

  1. You are under the assumption that everybody takes you for granted-but remember that your friends don’t see you in this window of thought. You are loved by many and this reader feels lucky to call you friend.


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