Herr Hitler was Trending : #TriumphoftheWill

I often lament at the speed of change today, but have decided where politics are concerned this may be a good thing.

On Wholesome Ground

Some red flag flies for me when I hear the term “trending”. It seems so fabricated, so meritless, so banal, and yet we have persons who hold our attention just because all of us look to the celebrity of them. This is by design.

Part of what made Adolf Hitler “The  Führer”  or leader of the German people in the 1930’s was the employment of the latest media and technology to enhance his natural oratory skills to a point that he really did appear to be new, exciting and really did have the answers for the Folk.


In the carefully orchestrated grand entrance in Triumph of the Will, a Fokker Tri-motor brings Hitler to the airport at Nuremberg, like a Wagnerian character to earth, and in the days that followed he enchanted the assembled masses a mystical rapture.

We no longer have to have people physically present to follow us, they are comfortably in their homes…

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