Real Nuclear Hardball- “Don’t Wait for the Translation, Answer the Question”

Adlai Stevenson II
The Medal of Overstatement

This past week we saw the President of the United States fly to the far side of the world to meet with the leader of a small, hermit country lead by a man whose family has generated, at great cost to his people, nuclear weapons which threaten his neighbors and now apparently, the American mainland. That apparently is still the case.

What a difference a generation can make.

In October, 1962 the UN Security Council, sitting in emergency session heard an actual  hardball exchange over nuclear weapons.  Armed with the evidence, US Ambassador Adlai Stevenson II asks Valerian Zorin of whether it is true the USSR is installing nuclear armed missiles in Cuba; “Yes or No. Don’t wait for the translation, answer the question!”

U-2 Photos

Zorin tries to put him off and in a wonderfully American style Stevenson says he is prepared to wait for the answer until Hell freezes over if that is what it takes. So Zorin denies they exist at which point Stevenson produces the U-2 spy photos proving him wrong.


Upon arrival last Sunday, the report goes, that Mr. Trump tried to move the meeting up from Tuesday to Monday because he was bored. Apparently there is no hard spots from which the President will not move.

Hell will not freeze over during the Trump Administration.

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