Survivor: Sentosa Island

The first vote off the island is for The Donald.

Get ready for a very special episode of Survivor ladies and gentlemen, this week North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and our own Donald Trump square off in a game of nuclear chess, and answer the question, who will be voted off the island ?

Dennis Rodman apparently is showing up and who knows, Kim Kardashian managed a White House visit so why should she not crash the party at Sensota Island? The whole thing is turning into a free for all.

I think he means the North Korean leader, not the celebrity.


This summit had to come off, they minted the coin and everything.
Another Kim might crash the party. She is not welcome. Off the island Kim.

More usefully the leaders seconds, Kim Yong Chol, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, will attend and particulate in unlimited heavyweight posturing. After all, the competition will be fierce as the stakes are to avoid elimination as a force in the world.

Arm wrestling may be featured; nuclear arms wrestling.

Kim Kardashian took an early lead in the vote but is now tied with the surging Donald.
Who will it be? The Donald or surprise entrant Kardashian?

Unlike the television show venue, the accommodations at the Cappella hotel are sure to be plush. Certainly there will be sunbathing to determine which of the men can turn more orange. Most importantly is the bad hair test.

Apparently there are two golf courses as well, lets see if the two leaders play the same holes. Or perhaps we should refer to them as silos.

Survivor : Sentosa Island;  –    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

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