President Trump’s Space Force; Boldly Go

This President has gone all Goodspaceguy on us, he has reached the final frontier. Mr. Trump now boldly leads us to a place where no man has gone before, a sixth branch of the military to “dominate space”.

William Shatner

Our President it is said, does not read, but apparently watches a lot of TV. Perhaps he got this idea from Star Trek. Perhaps he thought he would place William Shatner in command or George Takei.  These men are not actual astronauts but have played them on TV. This enhances their qualifications.

Shatner however is likely to be disqualified in the vetting process, ( assuming the President has such a thing ). His origin is Canadian and they and their steel, aluminum and even their shoes are out of favor now. America First.

George Takei

Takei is as American as Japanese internment, but Commander Sulu is likely out as well as he has made some comparative comments concerning his childhood as a Japanese-American citizen during the Second World War and the present policy of separation of immigrant children from their parents.

All of this may require the President to repudiate prior commitments and pledges. There is of course the 1967 Outer Space Treaty to consider, but as the only adult left in the room, Defense Secretary Mattis, has pointed out, we are already overstretched here on earth, particularly if the President wants to grow the the United States Navy.

Perhaps if some inspiring theme song were composed to go with the new space department within the Pentagon we could get inspired and boldly go where no budget has gone before. I have added a sample of what might motivate us in the audio clip above. Let’s roll.

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