The Rachel J. Patterson Interview

Rachel Patterson at the White House
Rachel Patterson at the White House

The 2016 holiday season gave me the opportunity to exercise paternal prerogative and  slow for a moment the comet that is my daughter Rachel. I captured her thoughts and experiences about moving from Washington State to Washington D.C. but went well beyond the dichotomy that two places named the same could be so different.

For example she attended the 2nd Obama inauguration in 2013, known as the “Night of the Long Gowns”. There will never be anything like that in Seattle.

Meanwhile she has held a number of positions, including lobbyist, while living there, and now is a consultant, which some say is the ultimate goal of anyone who goes to Washington DC for work. At 29 she has moved up from multiple roommate arrangements to a 300 square foot basement apartment with environmental control issues to finally a decent place above ground. I am putting that in the “win” column.

rachel-at-tidal-basinIn the interview we get a hometown girls sense of how the place really works and why we should never, ever, listen to the news.  I asked her once about what I saw on network television and she has said to me, ” Dad, I have been in the room when the decision was made, and the television just got it wrong”.

Generally Rachel knows more about Medicaid than anyone her age, and probably anyone actually on Medicaid. But don’t worry, the interview just touches on the dry country known as the Code of Federal Regulations then moves on to more agreeable fare.

I really enjoyed this time together and hope you do to. The podcast runs about 45 minutes. So click the arrow and learn how a hometowner makes good in Washington DC.



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