Boomer Frustrations

Much ink has been spilled about the Baby Boomer generation, but little has been written about how we somehow lack an ability that comes naturally to our children; the technology link.prometheus

I have just spend a half an hour trying to link up with the phone company, a telecommunications company, to try to pay my bill on line. No luck.

I will not invite helpful suggestions from my readership on how to do this task, as that will only increase the sense of isolation. We, the boomers, are trapped in another age. Those who came after are like Prometheus; they can give us fire but we only burn ourselves and our rapidly dwindling time here on earth with the element.

I can barely handle the cell phone as it is. Wasn’t this device supposed to make life easier?  I will instead now write a check to the phone company and use a device called a “postage stamp” affixed to a paper envelope and the United States Postal Service to deliver it.

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