Boomer Frustrations

Much ink has been spilled about the Baby Boomer generation, but little has been written about how we somehow lack an ability that comes naturally to our children; the technology link. I have just spend a half an hour trying to link up with the phone company, a telecommunications company, to try to pay my … More Boomer Frustrations

No Clear Majority

Consider this possibility: We wake up November 9th, 2016 and there is no clear majority of electoral votes between Clinton and Trump. The spoiler, late to the game Libertarian Gary Johnson has taken 5% of the vote, 27 electors. Clinton has 256, Trump 255. But 270 is needed to win. What then?  This election is … More No Clear Majority

The Washington Department of Corrections Catch and Release Program

Apparently the Washington Department of Corrections mistakenly got a memo from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, instructing certain species of fish be released upon capture. Failing to read the document closely the DOC altered their practices to allow big fish criminals to go free early. We were in Britain when the story broke. I … More The Washington Department of Corrections Catch and Release Program