Battle Flags, Ball Points, and Banjos

battle flag of the revolution

The law is a jealous mistress. Carrying her battle flag requires both hands. She keeps my fingers on this keyboard rather than a fretboard. banjo

I bought my banjo back when the kids were still in school and I was driving a 1995 Ford Aerostar van. Now the kids are grown, the last one left school in 2012 and the banjo still sits in the case.

At least I still have the guitar out and within reach. The Sisters of the Holy Names taught me the ways of the 6 strings first, then it was after I hired Ford Geisbrecht to teach my son the instrument that I picked it up again.

Ford Giesbrecht

Lately the litigation has kept me so occupied I have had to suspend that time Ford and I share, because the law is a jealous mistress.

Someday I will have that second more lyrical career, but today it seems that so far away. Instead I spend weekends catching up on estate planning or reviewing the depositions of people I hope to one day cross examine in Superior Court.

Recently during a break my younger co-counsel and I were talking about how many lawyers and judges I have encountered in my practice. There are lots, and they are not all here any more. He said “You sure know a lot of dead people”.5 window truck front

The point is well taken. I look forward to a time when I can just drive around in a 5 window truck, play that 5 stringed banjo and pay cash for everything. I think they call that retirement.

Meanwhile, click open the ball point pen, raise the battle flag, I shall sail into harms way. Steady as she goes Mr. Patterson.

Navy Flag American


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