The Swallows Return to the Ballard Safeway

ballard safeway

In a sure sign of spring, the swallows have returned to the parking garage at the Ballard Safeway.

Swooping in in and out of the underside of the supermarket, they noisily nest in the asbestos coating the garage roof provides. In doing so they kick bits of the cancer causing material out on to our cars, in a ritual that gives the shopper a sense of his place in the grand scheme of time.

Not quite San Juan Capistrano but it will do for Seattle. Perhaps we could get Morgan Freeman to narrate the event.



3 thoughts on “The Swallows Return to the Ballard Safeway

  1. Ah come on barrister-brother-man….where’s your sense of the new-ness that Spring defines? New buds on the trees, Daffodil’s a-blooming, Pussy Willows (no, I will not comment on where that term originated for my own safety) begging to be caressed! Has barrister-ing jaded you to nature and all that it offers at this time of the year?
    Besides, swallow are always in the Ballard Safeway, so big deal.
    The peanut gallery’s response: “don’t worry about the asbestos, worry about the salmonella-the same salmonella that’s flying INSIDE the Safeway, over the produce and fruit…….nice, huh?


  2. I only go there for the Coca-Cola, not available at Trader Joes. I turn the hearing aids off too because the overhead speakers are so shrill. A clerk warns us that the special on cupcakes is about to expire, and I have to wonder how old they are.


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