Flick It In and Adopt a Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle

The hopelessly bourgeois life most of us have chosen leads to a dull repetitiveness that means commuting in the white Ford may be the same as taking the white bus to prison each day. bad traffic

In the morning when I get to Interstate 5 and have to make an election as to on ramp, north or south. Most days I go north to work. But there are days when it takes all I have to avoid taking the south bound ramp, driving to the Gulf Coast and taking up a Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle rather than practicing law. coastal dwelling

I am told this is common. Where is that beach, that guitar, that beer that shines golden in the sunset and tastes so good in the salt air?

It is in the imagination, and we are left humming a wistful tune Jimmy wrote,

I see a flying boat, I get a lump in my throat, and I say someday I will….

someday I will

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