We Live In A Episode of “24”

We live in an episode of 24. Life today is like watching back to back the entire first season of “24”. Never have I been so scared in my own living room, and begun to look over my shoulder and blanche at the slightest noise the old house made.

There is a shooting at a high school somewhere, often somewhere close. Then there is a shooting in Paris. There is lots of shooting and beheadings in Mesopotamia. Airplanes disappear from radar screens, some never to be found. A train crashes into a school bus.
Marysville school bus
All of this comes at us in relentless broadcasts which now appear in the palm of our hands. There is no off button, we cannot fast forward through the hard parts. We live in an episode of 24 and we just have to wait for the day to be over, so we can turn it all off and go to bed telling ourselves it is just fiction.

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