Seattle: You Look Like Hell

grunge neignborhood
When I was a kid the neighborhood left wing family included a couple of brothers who claimed that pot could not be made legal in the United States because the entire population would instantly become high. This has apparently become the case in Seattle.

In Seattle the smell of that noxious weed is so regular I literally have to close my vents on my car in places not to have the smell linger in the cabin. When I get out of the car whole neighborhoods smell of this odor.

How can this be? I mean I see all the shops with the green cross, but is everyone getting high?green cross

They certainly dress like they are high. Seattle’s manner of dress is like a leftover from Grunge which really went out of style a generation ago. Perhaps they are too high to notice.
Pete Holmes
Now into the fray comes a member of the bar who works for the city attorneys office, Pete Holmes, willing to call a spade a spade; Pot businesses that are not regulated and do not hold proper licensure are illegal, and most likely a felony operation.

He’s right. Why isn’t it just bootlegging? Many of these outfits operating in plain sight lack a permit to do so, never pay B and O taxes, and when the city passes a moratorium on new business permits, they open anyway.

My wife and I were just in Vancouver BC. It smells better, and you know, people dress better there too. Seattle, you look like hell. Maybe it is because you are high all the time.

I guess those guys from my old neighborhood had it right.

2 thoughts on “Seattle: You Look Like Hell

  1. boot·leg
    gerund or present participle: bootlegging

    make, distribute, or sell (illicit goods, especially liquor, computer software, or recordings) illegally.
    Since it’s legal now, maybe it’s not bootlegging. But I agree that Seattle could spruce up a bit. But this comes from one residing in the thriving metropolis of Stanwood, where all bets are off


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