When Appliances Die at Thanksgiving

On Wholesome Ground

This weekend I discovered the expensive dishwasher that I had installed in the home my grandparents built just wasn’t anywhere near as sturdy as the home itself.

I arrived on a cold Saturday evening to find the kitchen floor flooded. The refrigerator was running fine and there were no drips in the faucet. Instead opening the expensive dishwasher I found the thing completely flooded and the water dripping out the door.

bucket and mop
I ran downstairs and grabbed a low tech remedy, the mop and bucket.

As I was washing the evening dishes by hand I thought back to the countless Thanksgivings we had here at this home, which admittedly became easier for my grandparents when Grandpa installed the first dishwasher.Thanksgivng Norman R

I got to thinking about the quality of these chores. There is something altogether satisfying about household chores not completed by some machine.

Take coffee for example. The drip machine works…

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