But it is 1978!

I grew up in a village called Immaculate Conception Parish in the 1960’s. We had a fundamental narrative about how life was supposed to be, where your place in the universe was, and a sense of right and wrong. Ultimately this was shattered by a remarkably critical world that tossed that narrative aside without much thought and … More But it is 1978!

Rebecca Wallick Has The Right Stuff-Growing Up Boeing

There was a Demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged the Demon would die. Men came to the high desert to ride it. They were called “test pilots.” And no one knew their names. The Right Stuff- Warner Brothers 1984 Should you desire that sense again of anonymous heroism captured in the … More Rebecca Wallick Has The Right Stuff-Growing Up Boeing

The Road is Long

For years I have been publishing Lawyers Road Review for the Snohomish County Bar News in Washington State. There is a creative bent that I just can’t get out of my system, and like a long road trip, has benefits and scenes you do not expect on the way. So fasten your safety belt, engage the cupholders, and be … More The Road is Long