Hey Nineteen

I thought I was terribly clever thinking about this Steely Dan song from my youth when ever I thought about the pandemic. Of course, there are those who are more clever, and certainly talented. So here something better than I could possibly have created. Right, we can’t dance together. Say it again.

The Washington Department of Corrections Catch and Release Program

Apparently the Washington Department of Corrections mistakenly got a memo from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, instructing certain species of fish be released upon capture. Failing to read the document closely the DOC altered their practices to allow big fish criminals to go free early. We were in Britain when the story broke. I … More The Washington Department of Corrections Catch and Release Program

Obamacare! You’re on Jeopardy!

Congratulations Mr. President! Your on Jeopardy! Thank you Alex, I take Software for 100. Very well Mr. President. here’s the first answer: This President’s Administration relied too heavily on immigrants from India working for a known failure, Verizon, when launching his signature piece of legislation. Who is Barrack Hussian Obama? That is correct, next category … More Obamacare! You’re on Jeopardy!