Obamacare! You’re on Jeopardy!

alex trabeck
Congratulations Mr. President! Your on Jeopardy!

Thank you Alex, I take Software for 100.


Very well Mr. President. here’s the first answer:

This President’s Administration relied too heavily on immigrants from India working for a known failure, Verizon, when launching his signature piece of legislation.

Who is Barrack Hussian Obama?

That is correct, next category please?

Politics for 100

This political party unnecessarily crucified themselves over the Affordable Care Act by shutting down the government when later events proved the system didn’t work.

The republicans

Who are the Republicans?


Thank you Alex I’ll take Software for 200.

This agency has a proven track record that can salvage the website for the Affordable Care Act.

Shuttle launchMan on the moon

What is NASA?

Correct. We take our break now with the President in the lead with 400, the other contestants, HHS Secretary Sebelious and Republican Ted Cruz of Texas at zero.
Ted CruzSebelius

2 thoughts on “Obamacare! You’re on Jeopardy!

  1. Since having eye surgery, and attained a new computer (with the villain 8.0), my ability to respond is, uh, somewhat limited. But either way, eyesight or not, we live in a world foreign to what we were born in. When I am off drugs, I will adequately respond. And if I hear one more 522 ad, I may have to crack someone….


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