Governance of the Country

My daughter works inside the beltway of Washington D.C. She tries to make it better, really. But factors get in her way. beltway

Sometimes she comes across a madness that seems to reflect a need to present a front to the media. Talking heads seem to lead to a poll, which seem to lead to remarkable events, like a party willing to bring the country to the brink of disaster because they worry about the legislation of our lawfully elected government has already passed.

Same as it ever was

Except it is not.

Instead of the faith we have in the people we have elected, wisely discharging the public trust, ostensibly able to change things if they don’t work out we are governed by talking heads on television and the polls they generate. That is the new face of democracy.
talking heads

Congress lacks confidence. They instead live in fear of these people we apparently listen to and vote as these people say.

In the real world, meaning the average Superior Court, the judge clothed with the authority of the state makes the rulings. There is no back talk, no commentary, no poll. And that is the law. And we somehow live through it.

We need less TV law and more real world after this spectacle.

3 thoughts on “Governance of the Country

  1. Remember when we graduated high school, full of ourselves and ready to take on the world? Or, go to California in a VW bus? Remember the absolute and pure sense that each of us could make a difference, change the world et al? Personally I began to lose the drive to fight this year, during the past 6 months especially. Apathy defines what’s left of my political leanings, and this depresses me.
    The other Washington is no place for graduating youth, as its toxicity and downright belligerence can not serve (at least in its current state of amateur game playing) as the role model it once was; and the current players certainly aren’t role models for the future.
    But still I am hopeful: with devastation comes the opening for new growth, new opinion, perhaps even new approaches. I hope I am right about this, but again I can feel that familiar apathy coming thru the back door…


    1. I have saved the world a gillion times over in 30 years of practice and I have found the world will not stay saved. Yes, I remember that energy and I would really like to have it back.

      “Not what it once was”. Good point. Same with the amateur hour. They all look bad but in particular the GOP seems to have left a long suicide note this time.

      And Ted Cruz still talks about this result as a sell out.

      Obviously the man has gone as mad as the stenographer in the House who had to be lead away after shouting something about God and the Free Masons last night.

      You are right to turn your back on Congress. At this point in history what goes on inside the beltway has little to do with the governance of the country. Perhaps 2016 will refresh that body and we can have a government to believe in again. I have the audacity of hope.


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