New Superhero: Maxine Vaxine

Late one night Karen is toiling away at the lab. Her instructions are to work as many hours as necessary to find some means of inoculating people from the Covid-19 Virus. She overhears a broadcast repeating President Trumps call to inject disinfectants to the body or use light waves to kill the virus .

President Trump advocates a “try anything” approach to combat the virus. AFP PHOTO / FREDERIC J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

What a moron she thinks, but then begins to contemplate the chemical properties of the product Clorox or use of the black light her younger brother still has in his room at her parents house.

Maxine Vaxine

Several days pass without any progress on a vaccine in her lab or elsewhere. In frustration, she goes to her parents house in suburban Seattle. No one is home. She finds closet and pulls out the jug of Clorox, and makes her way to the room her brother only recently vacated. Turning on the black light, and putting on some patriotic music she brought to plug into her brothers stereo, she takes a long pull on the Clorox.

She is wracked with pain, begins to hallucinate, her head seems to be on fire. All the lights go out and when she awakens she is Maxine Vaxine, with the power to see the virus such that she can kill it with her breath.

Pam Dymmic

And what a villain this virus turns out to be. Little nymph like creatures, in female form like herself but on earth not to heal, but to steal lives. Maxine names her nemesis: Pam Dymmick.

While Maxine finds she can levitate, she nonetheless needs black light and bleach to combat her nemesis. She finds she must modify her old Ford as a means to carry herself and her supplies. She renames it: The Inocultor.

Let the Adventures of Maxine Vaxine begin.

The Inoculator


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