Condo Canyon

In line with the notion that folk songs all need to be updated, this tune came to mind driving through Ballard, the formerly Norwegian town which was consumed by Seattle at one point.

Like Ballard, the song is completely original. It starts with a the Chorus:

Lief Erickson Hall among the Condo Overlords

I want to go down to Condo Canyon.     

I want to see what happened to Old Ballard.

Ballard’s Last Line of Defense

I want to go down to Condo Canyon.  I want to see where the old town has gone.

Then adds a verse: You will not recognize Ballard.  You will not recognize the locks.

You wont recognize Market Street.   Lined with Condo Blocks.

And the Bridge:

Yippie Kai eh, Condo Canyon,       Yippie Kai Eh Condo’s tall

Yippie Kai Eh, Condo Canyon,      Crowded out Leif Erickson Hall 

Another verse before ending with the Chorus:

What ever happened to the Norwegians? Whatever happened to their craftsman homes?

All knocked down for the condos.  All knocked down for Jeff Bezos.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, another fine folk song to mark the age we live in, where things of intrinsic value are swept aside in favor of the “Tyranny of the New”.

Ballard is now for Lease

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