The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe

My guitar mentor Ford Giesbrecht has created an adaptation of another work of Edgar Allen Poe, composed the music, the video, and encouraged me to record this chilling yarn. All editing is of course his.

Ford Geisbrecht, Lord of the Strings

To reacquaint the listener to the horror of this tale, recall that revenge is a dish best served cold. Hence our narrator takes us to the cool, airless catacombs below the surface of a European town where he leads his victim, Fortunado, on the pretense of gaining his opinion of the quality of amontillado wine he has purchased, effectively employing the wind bag’s vanity and arrogance against him.

Like my own haunting memory of Fall of the House of Usher told to me as a child, this tale by Poe had an impact on Ford that remains not far beneath his consciousness.

Consider the sheer horror of a man chained to a wall, then entombed while still alive far below the hamlet where no one will find him until perhaps, an unborn generation seeking to renovate the town unearths his bones in time. Then tell yourself it is only fiction.


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