Sound Bytes from Family Law

There are just so may sound bytes from family law that stick with a guy  after a few decades of practice. “Mr. Patterson, Control Your Client!” the guy says to me. Couldn’t see who it was but I think it was my clients ex-husband. The hearing had not gone well for us and his former spouse wasn’t taking it well.

Where do people get the idea the lawyer is also the bailiff or courtroom Marshall?

Oh the tales of woe we hear; bad decisions, trajectory of life bent, forlorn hopes, over broad expectations, and dreams dashed in Superior Court. The agony of it haunts me.

Guy comes in seeking to “take custodie” of his children it says on the intake. Why? To show her she can’t do this to me. They didn’t tell me how to deal with this guy in law school. I think you need to find someone else to help you with that.

Cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles are regular causa mortis for marriages. The last gasp of the myth of how this was going to be is wrapped up in some late acquisition, which often is another child. And when the marriage is over the fight begins over the latest acquisition.

Special thanks to staffer Cindy Bemis and Ruth Spalter, Attorney at Law, and Amanda Effertz, Attorney at Law for submissions for this piece.

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