The Ministry of Bad Lyrics

Elvis was gay. Just listen to Jailhouse Rock. “Number 47 said to number 3, you’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see.” What? Does this mean the American legal system featured mixed gender prisons in the 1950’s or was he really singing to one of the other cellmates ?

In the audio of this Lawyers Road Review I report seeing a music video of this hit and the producers introducing a petite blonde woman to dance with Elvis during this part of the song, yet I am unable to retrieve that particular music video on You-Tube. Instead the entire dance routine is men, which underscores my point.

I am now thinking that the insertion of the female into my memory of the dance routine is a defense mechanism of this podcasters brain to perhaps alter facts to suit his own particular myth about Elvis and the 1950’s.

Mostly I find the other lyrics reported here to be shockingly misogynistic, mostly from Elvis, but also the Beatles who repeat some of his lyrics in Run for Your Life, and perhaps applying my own professional experiences with the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence to the Neil Sedaka hit, Breaking Up is Hard to Do.

Meanwhile, think about the lyrics to Jailhouse Rock. But not too much. It will make your head hurt.


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