The Church of Climate Change

Surely as E =Mc2 there must be some equation we can review to understand the role of Mankind in climate change, but I have yet to find it. Raising the question can be dangerous. When I have it is as if I have blasphemed the faith of my countrymen. And their faith is profound.

I am shunned for asking for the foundational algebra of climate change. What I take from this is no one really knows, it seems, how large the Man Variable is in the question of the weather. That is the mystery.

Will all our efforts to curb global warming make a difference? I ask this question all the time. I get no answers. Shame on you for asking. Of course man causes climate change, it is in all the papers.  Shun this sinner.

I cannot get over the sense that if we were trying the issue in Superior Court that belief would not be enough to sustain a verdict, and Mankind held jointly and severally liable for the damages to the planet.

I have come around to seeing that mankind has a hand in the process of climate change. Curbing CO 2 emissions is probably a good idea. But I wait for expert testimony that can withstand cross examination, because I am curious.

Meanwhile I still blanch when the man on the radio links “man made” with “climate change” or the more frequent “global warming” without pause or qualification there may be other factors.

So dear listener and reader of this column, please permit me this 3 minute parody wherein I introduce you to the Reverend Jimmie Smokestack, a saved soul of the Church of Climate Change.

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