My Visit to the Jack Daniels Distillery

In 1993 we drove south from Nashville on I-24 into rural Tennessee and into another world. The objective was a visit to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg.

It wasn’t much like the film Deliverance, but then the people we encountered were not that far removed from the cast either.

Soon after turning right at Manchester on to a two lane highway numbered 55, which I do not believe was the permitted speed, the AM radio station reception became scarce. After a while we only got the signal from a outpost in Coffee County, where sale of liquor was legal and the locals produced the advertisements, but it too faded as we drove into Moore County, where Lynchburg presided over the whole dry county.

It was a fun visit, sit a spell, take your shoes off and I`ll tell you all about it, takes about 6 minutes, you betcha.




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