The Dr. Barry Nyman PhD Interview

Our children, it seems, face greater hurdles than they have in the past, and the hurdles are spaced closer together than ever before.

I asked my long time associate and local clinical physiologist Dr. Barry Nyman Ph.d. into the studio to reflect on his long career and his impressions on where we have been as a society and the turns we have taken along the way, not always for the best. Doctor Nyman has spent a significant amount of his career working with children and adolescents and has a wealth of experience about how the past 40 or so years have gone for youth. He has grave concerns, which for me anyway, articulated a growing sense of unease I have about how things are and their likely impact on the future.

The piece runs longer than most, about an hour and 12 minutes but during the editing I found myself reversing the media to listen to what Dr. Nyman had to say again, and give it some deep thought.

Generally he validated my sense that as a society we have many frayed ends; the new concepts of how life ought to be lead are not all that great, and advances in technology have accelerated a fragmentation of America into smaller and smaller groups that do not necessarily lead to successful lives.

We cover many aspects of growing up in America now, referencing the impact of what Charles Murray discussed in his 2010 book Coming Apart, The State of White America 1960-2010.

Dr. Nyman also wanted to reference Shop Class as Soulcraft (an inquiry into the value of work) by Matthew B. Crawford.

The evidence is what we chose to do with our time and our time with our children could use some serious adjustment.

And perhaps a glue gun.


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