It’s Been a Quiet Week in Everett, My Hometown

( About 9 minutes of Audio )

Doing the work of lawyers one finds that normally the head is down and the eyes are on whatever is in front of the advocate; a book, a client, the pavement. Yet this week after court, eyes fixed down and brow appropriately wrinkled,  I somehow I noticed everyone standing with their cell phones raised and all facing north. So I looked up. Glad I did. A rainbow brightened our day there on the courthouse campus. 20161130_142251_resized

Shortly before I had been in the courtroom, then the clerks office. I was engaged in some kind of discussion with the clerks when an anonymous woman approached me and said “You sound just like Garrisons Keillor.”

keillorWell that is quite a compliment, although I have heard it before. Perhaps, since he appears to be retiring, I could apply for his position as “American Humorist”. This would require me to give up the practice of law of course and probably require considerable deprogramming.

Before law I had a beautiful mind; I thought of art and music almost exclusively. Once in law school the mind becomes as disciplined as a US Marine. Our bunks in the boot camp for the mind, for example, were so tightly made we could bounce a quarter on them.

Gone is all thought of peace, instead the lawyer focuses on conflict.

So if I am to apply for the position of American Humorist Laureate I am going to have to start thinking differently. And a rainbow over the Courthouse Campus was a good place to start. You betcha.

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