Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal

In the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey a computer takes over a spacecraft and tries to slay the astronauts so they would not, due to the human inherent proclivity to err, jeopardize the mission. His name was Hal 2000.

Hal 2000

Overnight, without my permission the very large software company across the lake installed Windows 10 on this machine without my permission. I find I am like Bowman in the film looking for practical means to deal with this disaster.


My wife, a software engineer for another company, happened to be awake and fought to retain Windows 7 all night. She won.

But, because I got a relatively good nights sleep on a long holiday weekend, I was not there to opt out in the wee bit of time the very large company allowed in the wee hours of the night.

I am sure this is all for the best. The mission is of course the most important, isn’t it Hal? If we have to dispose of a few customers along the way that will just have to be the priority.

Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal


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