Nordstrom Models with Pouty Faces

So what is the deal with the Nordstrom models anyway? Do they all have to look so emotional?  They show up on the side of my Yahoo Inbox all the time all sad like life is tough. Not for the Nordstrom model.

Particularly galling are the young men with slender waists the rest of us might have had in high school. The model is looking sad and angry at the world because, what? It hasn’t turned out so great? Men's denim trends to wear now.

Somehow I think if you are a Nordstrom model you probably have plenty to smile about. Dude, you still have the waist you had as a teen, and you avoided law school. How I long for a job where I don’t really have to do anything but wear new clothes every day and allow people just take pictures of me.

One thought on “Nordstrom Models with Pouty Faces

  1. Yes, but if you had such a job, that would make shallow, without substance. No more singing “…same as it ever was”, because you wouldn’t know the difference.

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