Justice Stephen Breyer is Matrix Agent Smith

Counsel, you haven’t answered my question. You have told me a lot of things YOU want to say, but nothing about what I want to hear. Now, please answer my question and remember, I don’t like you Mr. Anderson. I don’t like your case, and I like your client even less. Agent-Smith

If you have spent any time at all listening to the arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States you couldn’t have possibly missed the irritated voice of Justice Breyer vainly trying to get some lawyer in front of him to directly answer the questions posed to the advocate.

Granted the lawyers almost always try to wriggle out of a direct answer to a hard question about their position, but Justice Breyer tolerates this less than any of the other members of the bench.

There is a contempt in his voice when he talks to counsel. He sounds so much like the Matrix Agent our advocate Eno confronts in the cyberworld of the Matrix I am left to wonder if they are not twins separated at birth, or the same man.

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