I’m A “Full” Christian

I have maintained for a long time there is a flaw in the First Amendment. Anyone can start a church.

One day in my practice, years ago now, a woman blew into my office to ask me to draft a settlement between her and her boyfriend about the custody of their 2 year old. Sort of a cash and carry kind of deal.

cranky 2 yer old
The guy had kidnapped his son from this woman and drove him to Florida in his large automobile to “show her” when she announced the relationship was over.

Then he drove back, with the child, probably because he couldn’t handle the demands of parenting a 2 year old but as cocky as ever. He assures me this wont happen again. Here is the reason he gave:

“It happened on the way back from Florida” he says to me. “I’m a Full Christian” he says, his head nodding as he tells me he is full of it.

This leaves me wondering if I am just some fraction of Christian.

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