Disney on Ice?

A bus passes me on the commute with a marquee advertisement on the side referencing this years edition of Disney on Ice: “Lets Celebrate”. I asked myself what if Disney really is on ice? It turns out persistent rumors circulate that he had himself frozen immediately after death, perhaps for a second chance at life. He loved technology after all. Disney on Ice

I am also immediately thrown back in memory to December 1965 and the news of Walt Disney’s death hitting the Whittier Elementary second grade really hard.
Disney on Ice show

“Too bad old Walt had to go” we said as we sat leaned up against the pink cinderblock gym during morning recess on a cold slate grey day we have so often that time of year in my hometown. We sounded like a bunch of old men.

It is now 50 years later and time for all kinds of claims and revisionist arguments, not the least of which is that Walt Disney really hated children, but loved only their parents money.

The purchase of the Star Wars franchise seems to have cemented the notion his legacy is futurist, if all the rest is just the stuff of fantasy. Darth-Vader_Mickey-Mouse-Ears

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