2014 Promises a Great World Series

Tonight the National wild card winner San Francisco Giants have captured the National League Pennant. Next Tuesday they face the plucky juggernaut of the wild card winner in the American League, absent from the playoffs for 29 years, the Kansas City Royals. This is what makes baseball great. This is why baseball is so American. Upstarts win.

As the season progressed it was clear San Francisco had the talent from time to time, same with the Royals. MLBSF_-00_front_San-Francisco-Giants-Banner-Flag_4

For the National League it was all Milwaukee in the beginning. brewers

In the American League the A’s looked so strong only to be eclipsed by the Angels who had the best record in baseball at the end. Kansas city
We even had hope for the Seattle Mariners right up to the last day of the regular season. But no one could stop the Royals, a loose, calm and collected team.

I guess this validates the one game playoff between the two top wild card teams system, new this year. Exciting, and allows a team to peak and carry the day. It’s just so, well, American.
Safeco Field Seattle Washington

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