Where’s The Check!?


I am just off the phone with a woman representing herself to be married to one of the heirs of a will I I have in probate. This is her second call this month, demanding to know where the money is.

She made representations about what we had promised which were impossible because we hadn’t even commenced the probate when she claims we promised her money.

Sensing my suspicions about her, she offered to allow me to speak to her husband, an actual beneficiary of the will. I immediately accepted.

And you know, I couldn’t really make out a mans voice. Instead what I heard was a dog barking. A dog, ladies and gentlemen. Big Dog

I know the concept of marriage has been going through changes of late, and I recognize there is authority under Washington Law to erect animal trusts for any creature possessing a spine. But this will, which I drafted, contains no such provision.

I said good-bye while she was still complaining about me and my staff. I will wait for the real beneficiary to contact me and have issued instructions to the staff not to accept calls from any dogs claiming to take under my clients will.

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