The Star Wars Bar Association

You all remember the odd patronage of the Star Wars cantina don’t you? Luke Skywalker walks in with Obi Wan Kenobi looking to make a deal for transport out of Mos Eisley and off the planet Tatooine. He finds more than Han Solo. He encounters the members of the Star Wars Bar.

We didnt start out this way. We were young and attractive. But the job is demanding. Often we are subject to harmful radiation and it is not from the sun our planet orbits. It’s the subject matter of conflict, and it warps our appearance.

The practice of law can lead to formerly healthy young people quickly degenerating into alien looking creatures who never get enough exercise, eat and drink too much, have vast quantities of stress and appear to be too focused on any one problem at a time.

At first the skin becomes pale from too much time out of the sun. Then the abdomen begins to distend into an apron like appearance. We cling to the clothes we had earlier, accentuating the sense of distorted body.

Then we start to get as obnoxious as the Star Wars Bar Association. “My client doesn’t like you!” one of the membership says to Luke, who is appearing pro se. “I will try to be careful” Luke says. ” I don’t like you either!” says the ugly lawyer to Luke. Some light saber play later and an arm goes missing and everyone turns back to their drink.

Wouldn’t you rather look like Luke, Han or Obi wan, depending on your age? Start today, look at the calendar. Mark out time to walk, run, cycle, swim or lift weights. Get out of that chair, or end up looking like a member of an off world bar association.

Yoda was wrong, you are never too old to be a Jedi Knight, never too old to start the training.

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