In Search Of Heros in a Post – Armstrong Era

My sister is a prosecutor. When she is in trial against a criminal defense lawyer who believes so much in his clients cause that he or she cannot see the flaws in the case, she labels them a “true believer”.

I was a true believer of Armstrong. We already had one genuine hero, Neil Armstrong. Why not one named Lance? There is something of a paladin in that name too, “Lance”.

Who says one cannot possess the natural ability to come back from cancer and win the Tour de France seven times? I was an avid cyclist during his reign, and his success was just part of my joie de vivre.

I knew I had lost the faith one day at Whole Foods. I saw the Lance Armstrong signature endorsement on Stinger energy bars and wondered aloud whether there wasn’t something a little extra in the bars.

So Lance is over and Neil is dead. Now what?

How about this: Be Your Own Hero.

Really, what is it that makes you who you are? How do you see yourself?

Here is a news flash:  Lance does not love you back, even if you got up daily at 4 AM to watch him beating Jan Ulrich on the sports channel.

So knowing all that the television brings is a sort of vicarious experience, as well as the inevitable atrophy of body, mind and soul that comes with that, do you really want to watch? There is nothing on anyway. I mean, do you really need to see the spectacle of The Jersey Shore?

Grab the remote, turn off the faux heroes and be your own man. Take the time to decide what it means to be a true believer in yourself, but discover your one greatest moment. Then go for it.

How about behind handlebars on your own Tour?

Or how about captain of your own ship; hand on the tiller, heeled over on the broad reach in fair winds and a clear day?

Prepare to tack!

Helm to the lee! Tacking!

“Sheet in the mainsail Mr. Patterson”.

Aye captain, I answer myself.

Be your own hero, or a hero for your family. You  are much more reliable and you don’t have to go to the moon or compromise your integrity.

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