Work Life Balance

There was another young man who used to work for us, sometime trading the job with Sam who went to war. His name was Ben, and he instead went to biology. Ben got tired of the intermittent funding of biology and decided to go to law school.

Things of course are not what they were. One must recognize the market is awash with lawyers, and so to distinguish himself he has entered a course of study of the law which will take 2, rather than the traditional 3 years, and then finish with an MBA.

Contacted midstream in this course he reports an intensity I remember well from my first year at Gonzaga. I asked whether he was getting any surfing in. No, he is not.

Apparently our various bar associations have recognized the demanding nature of the profession and have various bits of advise all falling under “work life balance”. “Balance” implies equality between job effort and the rest of a life, which just is never the case.

Right about now I am thinking Ben would be preferring the balance he kept on his surfboard, and the intermittent funding that ensured a work life that wasnt his whole life.

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