Mystery Date

Somehow this advertisement from the 1960’s just came back to me.

Ok, you heard it girls. Fun and surprises await.

What brought this to mind is that most of the young men I have encountered in at least the last 20 years look like the loser card, the “dud” who shows up looking like hell.

So I looked this up and was astonished how young these girls look. That’s right, girls, not young women. Children.

I think it was OK to express what a neatly groomed boy might look like. It says something about him; whether he cared about how he looked. This might reflect upon how he cared about the people in his life.

Like his mystery date.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Date

  1. Well, you certainly set the Way Back Machine for a time long, long ago! I remember that game, and yes, it targeted young girls. Never too soon to push them along the path to marriage, babies, and domestic tranquility! Followed quickly what the game never hinted at, but you and I know was the reality for at least 50% of couples: discord and divorce.

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  2. I remember that commercial from circa 1964. I never played the game as it was exclusively for girls, but I remember the Milton Bradley depictions of a “dud” of a date, and they looked a lot like what most young men aspired to look like by the end of the 60s — long hair, unshaven, old patchwork clothing. The anti-establishment youth culture made the Mystery Date game seem very dated within five years period. As was the game’s depiction of the dream date (I.e. corsage, dinner at the country club and a dance at the senior prom) replaced five years later with a dream date consisting of dropping acid at The Doors concert.


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