Never Read the Comments

By now in the lock down we have read everything remotely interesting on the web and have, with great courage knowing the risks, began to read the comments our countrymen post after each story.

Thomas Jefferson

We have a theory of the country promulgated by Thomas Jefferson which has a its foundation the yeomen farmers know all they need to know before gathering each fall to cast votes for those measures placed before them.

It is also said Thomas Jefferson was the last man able to know a little bit about everything there was to know, and he died July 4th, 1826, nearly two hundred years ago. How much more there is to learn today, yet I am afraid little of it appears to have informed our electorate.

This piece is the result of one random search of he comments on a day in May during the CONVID -19 lock downs. Humorous in places, dark in others, the experience underscores my daughter’s admonitions concerning the media, and those who comment upon the same.  In the end I think we retain the first amendment, despite its flaws.

Photo credit Terray Sylvester / Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Never Read the Comments

  1. You have a wise daughter. Listen to her and follow her advice! Your blood pressure will thank you.

    Not only do I not read comments on news websites, but I find I’m increasingly less forgiving of “friends” on social media who post similarly stupid comments or memes on their own pages. One can only handle so much ignorance. My tolerance has been worn to a nub. I fear it will be completely gone by election time.

    “Informed electorate” is now an oxymoron.

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